Shock Troops of the Confederacy

Links to various places on the web that deal with sharpshooters:

My recent articles in the Washington Times about the battle of Fort Stevens and preservation efforts at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.


My article in America's Civil War about the battle of Fort Stedman, in which the sharpshooters played a prominent part.


My article in America's Civil War about the friendship between Confederate general Dodson Ramseur and George Custer.

Noah Andre Trudeau's article on Blackford's sharpshooters at Gettysburg.           

Who killed General John Reynolds at Gettysburg?

The death of Major General Sedgwick at Spotsylvania at the hands of a Confederate sharpshooter. Web site by a Sedgwick descendant.

Whatever his other faults, Hiram Berdan was a gifted publicist. Even today, when one thinks of sharpshooters in the Civil War they invariably think of Berdan's Sharpshooters. Two of the better sites dealing with this famous unit are here and here.

Tom Ledoux runs Vermont in the Civil War, a massive and comprehensive site featuring Ripley's History of Company F, 1st U.S.S.S., George Bendict's entire Vermont in the Civil War, including the volume on the sharpshooters, and much more.

Robb Brown runs this extensive site on Civil War Sharpshooters, both Union and Confederate.

Brady’s Sharpshooters was a Michigan outfit that served in Virginia.

The First Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters served with the Army of Tennessee. So did the Second Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters, who are ably represented by a re-enactment group (who also do the 64th Illinois, Yates Sharpshooters).

Rapley’s Sharpshooters, an Arkanasas battalion, also served in the West.

The source for all things Bucktail.

John Morrow's book The Confederate Whitworth Sharpshooters remains the classic work on the subject. Good details on both the guns and the men who used them.

A reenactment unit dedicated to McGowan’s Sharpshooters, and another to the Palmetto Riflemen and the New York Zouaves.

A look at modern snipers and sharpshooters in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

A group of law enforcement officers from across the country run a site dedicated to supporting American snipers in the field in Iraq and Afghanistan. Donations of money or equipment will go directly to where they are most needed.

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