Shock Troops of the Confederacy

Foreword by Robert K. Krick




1  Antecedents: “When opposed to riflemen, it is the bravest who fall”

2  American Riflemen: “The wickedest corps in the Army”

3  Zouaves: “The bayonet will always be the queen of weapons”

4  Beginnings: “It was the province of the sharp shooter to shoot some body” 

5  Seven Pines, Gaines’s Mill and South Mountain: “We skedadle & halt, fight & then skedadle again”

6  Winter at Fredericksburg: “We are always in the front of the brigade”

7  Chancellorsville: “It is a post of honor, not one of ease”

8  Gettysburg: “The mere raising of my hand would be the signal for a dozen Yankees to fire at me”

9  Manassas Gap: “Every shot took effect”

10  Winter 1863-64: “They were good soldiers, whoever they were”

11  Preparing for 1864: “The best men in the company”

12  The Wilderness: “For God’s sake go up and stop them”

13  Spotsylvania: “The hottest place I was ever in”

14  The North Anna and Cold Harbor: “Honor is nothing more than a puff of wind”

15  Monocacy and Fort Stevens: “A pretty stiff picket line”

16  Charles Town, Winchester, and Fisher’s Hill: “Take charge of the boys, do the best you can and give the yanks Hell”

17 Cedar Creek: “It must be confessed that we bought our victory at a dear rate”

18  Petersburg: “They done the thing up brown and deserve credit for it”

19  Assault on Hare’s Hill: “Knock down and drag out”

20  Fort Stedman: “It was better to attack than be attacked”

21  Decision at Petersburg: “These men will fight”

22 Weapons and Uniforms

23 Confederate Sharpshooters in the West

24 The Opposition: Skirmishers and Sharpshooters of the Army of the Potomac

25 The Open Order: The Boer War to WWI

26 Evaluating the Sharpshooters


A Testing the Sharpshooters’ Weapons            

B Orders Issued by the Confederates Pertaining to the Sharpshooters

C The Assault on Fort Stedman: Numbers and organization



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